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How to Support Your Hair Stylist Through a Shutdown

On Monday, July 13th California hair stylists were hit with another round of business closures. Many of us had been back in the salon for just over a month. In our short time back we've had to contend with supply shortages, waiting lists a mile long and new state mandates. But we hair stylists are a resilient bunch and many of us came back more inspired and educated than when we left! In our first month back, we were able to reschedule months and months of eager clients under new stricter booking guidelines. We've even had the honor of being the first stop of anxious clients venturing out for the first time since quarantine began. We love what we do but we could sure use some support right about now. If you're wondering how you can support your stylist in this difficult time, keep reading!

Rate and Review

Leaving positive and honest reviews about your experience with your stylist is invaluable to the growth of their business. You can leave reviews in places like Yelp, Google or on their Facebook Business pages. It's been said that people trust the reviews found online more than recommendations of their own friends and family!

Share their content

Sharing a post or photo that your hair stylist has posted is a great way to get their content in front of your friends and family. Back in 2011, Facebook recognized the power of your influence among your peers and made it so every time you "like" a product, your friends would see that you liked it. So use that power for good and share away!

Like and Comment

I won't pretend to understand the complicated algorithms of Facebook and Instagram, they change way too often to keep up anyhow. There is, however, one "rule" that stands the test of time: the more comments and likes a post has, the more people that get to see it. By simply double tapping that photo or leaving an encouraging word or emoji, you are single handedly giving that post life!

Shout 'Em Out and Tag

Chances are, you're going to be posting a selfie in the near future. Chances are even higher that your hair and/or makeup is going to look amazing! Why not take a minute to give your hair stylist a quick shout out and tag them. Did your hairstylist just give you a great recommendation on a new product?

Have they ever encouraged you to try a new color or cut?

Maybe even talked you out of bangs in the middle of summer? Then say so!

Most people have a hair stylist but not everyone has one as great as yours, why not tell people what makes them so great!

After being forced to close for a second time, many hair stylists are feeling an array of emotions. If you're looking for ways to show support for your stylist through this new wave of uncertainty, there are actually plenty of actions you can take to help their business. Leaving reviews is the greatest way to endorse them and encourage others to visit them too. Platforms like Yelp, Google and Facebook are all great options. When your stylist posts on social media be sure to like, comment or share their posts. Every like and comment helps! And the next time you have a great hair day or love a recommendation (be it hair related or not), give your stylist a shout out and tag them so others know how to find them. This latest shutdown has really put a lot of hair stylists in a tough spot but you can help them by trying some of these super easy suggestions and best of costs zero dollars to do!

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