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Deva Cut


As a life long curly girl myself, I understand better than most how frightening it can be to get your curly hair cut. However having curly hair myself wasn't enough of an education. I regularly seek out education specifically tailored to us curly girls.

As a trained Deva Inspired stylist, I cut curly hair dry and in it's natural state. Cutting your curls where they live is the best way to ensure they are trimmed in a way that best suits not only your style but your lifestyle!

What to know:

Before your appointment, have your hair washed, dried, down and styled using minimal product but in the way you would usually style it. 


If you normally air-dry your hair, this appointment is not the time to start diffusing it. And if you normally diffuse it, rolling down your windows to help it dry will not work on appointment day.

Do NOT come in with barrettes, scrunchies, hair ties, head bands, hats or anything that can flatten or manipulate your curl pattern.

Yes, your hair curls differently everyday. I get it. Some days I wake up with 2b curls and some days 3a. That's why a fresh wash and style will get them back to neutral. If your curls are looser on the left side of your hair, I will be able to see that and cut accordingly. If they're tighter around your nape we can accommodate that as well. The whole point is to embrace YOUR curls AS THEY ARE. 

Want more volume? Great!

Like your curls to lay flatter? Perfect!

My only goal is to meet your hair needs.

This isn't a one size fits all cut. It's individually tailored to your head and curls and as we all know, every curl is different so lets stop treating them all the same!




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